Thursday, October 1, 2015

The 365 Day Sewing Journey

     It's October 1st and I've decided to challenge myself to improve my sewing and quilting skills by taking on personal journey of sewing or quilting a project a day.  At the end of this journey I will have created 365 projects by October 5th of 2016.  One might ask what gave me this crazy idea and why do it?  Well actually I got the idea from that wonderful movie "Julie and Julia".  I thought to myself if someone could do it with cooking, what would it look like if you tried it with sewing and quilting?  Now mind you I don't have a great deal of time as I am a doctoral student, full-time teacher, mother of five, and wife to a wonderful man of twenty years.  By no means am I trying to be "Superwoman", actually I reject the title, notion, and the thought.  I give myself and any woman who is trying to balance a family along side other endeavors that she might want to do permission to do so as well.  However, I have committed myself to carve out time in my 24 hour day to create.

   I've always found being behind a sewing machine and listening to the ultimate sound of it's humming as I stitch pieces of fabric together to be one of the greatest forms of therapy.  It's calming, yet challenging to the brain.  The joy of creating something from nothing as thread, machine, presser foot, and fabric join forces together as no other set of tools can do.  They become unstoppable, they are magicians in actions.  The director behind the magic is the brains with the vision, she or he is "The Sewer".  I hope to accomplish a few things while on this journey and they are to 1) become a better skilled sewer and quilter. 2) Have absolute fun with this even if a project doesn't turn out as expected. 3) Persevere and Persist even if a time comes when I may not feel like being behind the machine. 4) 365 different projects that will challenge and allow me to grow as a "creationist" who might actually have some talent in the end.

    Today, since I just came up with the idea will just merely be an introduction to the journey.  Thanks to Pinterest, Youtube, and other wonderful sources out there I'm guaranteed to not run out of possibilities for potential projects.  Thank you social media for without you in this 21st century of crafting where would we be?  Since this is also my first time blogging, I've figured out that I have much to learn and grow at the same time.  First of all I have absolutely no idea if anyone will even follow me on this journey but I'll take the optimistic route that there is some soul out there in the world of social media and internet land that is just waiting for some good entertainment and may have pity and follow me.

    So any new followers that I make along this journey will be nothing but a blessing and let me be the first, if not the only one to welcome you to my journey and perhaps inspire you to join me or just come for "creative therapy" as an escape from the "real world".
Well this concludes today's post and as Carol Burnett often said at the end of her show ..." I'm so glad that we had this time together"  Sew Strong until next time.....


The Sew Stormer

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