Sunday, June 26, 2016

Pillowcase Dress Adventure

I'm making these wonderful pillowcase dresses right now for my Sorority to donate to underprivileged young girls overseas.  I am also making some for my younger daughter and granddaughter.  The top one was made from an Amy Butler fabric ( I can't remember the name of the line) and the one below was from a yardage from my never ending fabric stash.  It is an embroidered fabric.  I forgot what I originally was going to use it for but it is now a pillowcase dress.

I couldn't bring myself to actually use a real pillow case so I just have gone through my fabric collection and have been having a ball seeing the transformations.  I have also created my own bias tape bindings for the armholes ( this reinforces the strength of the armhole) and for the ties.  Creating my own bias tape has saved me money, became another solution to use up the scraps, and gave me an excuse to finally be able to use my Simplicity Deluxe bias and piping machine.  That thing is awesome.  Another item I made with the leftover scraps were scrunchies to match the dresses.  I did that for the one I created for my granddaughter.

So if you were looking for ideas to utilize your scraps from a project, here a few depending on the amount that you have left over:

Small tote bag
Doll outfit
Headscarf (bandana style)
zipper pouch purse or pencil case
Quilt block

If you can think of other items that you can create to further make use of your fabric project leftovers please feel free to share.

Signing off for now,

The Sew Stormer

When You Wish Upon A Star......

My Lemoyne Star quilt block almost finished
Ok Happy Belated 2016!!

Life has happened and my sewing challenge has gone in infinite directions but all is not lost because there is most definitely time to accomplish my 365 sewing.   I'm still working on this and other blocks.  Summer is now here and I may need to rethink the goals of this blog.  The sewing hasn't stopped but Life interrupted seems to be ongoing but none the less I shall keep going.

The Sew Stormer

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