Monday, July 4, 2016

Grocery Bag with Lining..... Hey Dr. Seuss ... Foldable or ...... Not!!

So I just finished this latest project.  We'll call it the Dr. Seuss Grocery bag.  Now originally, it was supposed to be a foldable bag where you could just roll it up and snap it shut when you were finished...destined to carry it in your purse so that you wouldn't forget it when at the grocery store.  I was on the path to pursue this aspect of making the bag during the creation process and then decided to forgo it after having such a battle working with putting the lining into this bag.  Mind you putting the lining for this particular bag was a "Cynthia" aka The Sew Stormer addition.  I have to give credit to  Crafty Ady from the U.K. and her wonderful tutorial.  
I will post her blog site on how to do the tutorial a little later.

Ady pushed me to new limits with this bag by actually having me create my own pattern.  She provided the measurements.  Drawing my own patterns was a new challenge for me but somehow I survived this aspect of the process.  It gave me a new appreciation for pattern makers and designers.  Drawing is not my strong suit but it was fun to do it and then turn it into an actual product.  That was amazing.  So I have learned a new unexpected skill in this journey.....pattern making.  What an exhilarating part of the creative process!!

If you wish to try this tutorial here is the link to Crafty Ady's blog and click on the right-hand side for the tutorial:

Happy 4th and Happy Sewing!!!!

The Sew Stormer

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  1. Sew CUTE!!!!! My twins crib sheets and bumpers and blankets were made from that fabric! Memories. Love it :)


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