Saturday, January 7, 2017

Happy New Year 2017!!!

      Well 2016 is OVER!!! I can't say that I will miss it too much.  Quite a few lessons learned, some sadness with the loss of two family members, and just a great deal of changes overall.  I'm grateful to still be here and also thankful that I pushed my sewing to new heights with my 365 challenge to myself.  Although I didn't reach the goal, I sewed more and tried new projects, learned new skills in the process, and started this blog.  All in all I don't feel so bad.  This year, I'll be participating in another sewing challenge and that is to complete UFOs (Unfinished Projects), working more with my serger ( l learned some simple projects last year that I didn't know you could do with a serger), improve my garment construction skills so that I can delve into alterations and learn a bit more about how to repair sewing machines so I can maintain my machines.  I plan to teach some more classes at my local recreation center.  I was able to pilot a couple of classes last Fall and it turned out successful.  That was exciting.  Who knows where all this will lead but I'm hopeful and optimistic.

Maintaining a blog is challenging work but I plan to get better with this blog and get more exposure and readership.  The learning curve is high, when you are attempting new things.  

It is also sad that quilt shops and sewing lounges are starting to close in this economic climate.  We must do all we can to keep our small businesses alive in the sewing and quilting industry.  Please support your local businesses in your communities.  They are the fabric of our society and in many cases the center of the communities that they serve.

That's all for now.  You all have a blessed New Year this year.   Make 2017 full of optimism and hope!!!

The Sew Stormer!!!

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